Commencement FAQs


Do family members and guests need tickets to attend the Commencement ceremony?

Yes, but only for the bachelor’s ceremonies; no tickets are required for the Ph.D. and master’s ceremony. For specific information regarding ticket numbers and distribution, visit our tickets page. 

Are tickets for a specific seat?

No, all tickets are general admission.

Do infants require a ticket for Commencement?

Tickets are not required for children under the age of 2 who will be seated in an adult’s lap. Per the fire marshal, children older than 2 years must have a guest ticket to attend.

How will I receive the tickets I requested?

Tickets will be distributed on campus during a specified time period determined by the Commencement Office. Please review the information on the Important Commencement Dates page for specific dates. 

I will not be in town to pick up my tickets. How will I receive them?

Students are encouraged to have a friend or family member pick up their tickets during the allotted time frame. Friends and family will need an email or text message from you, including your GT ID number, specifying that you gave them permission to pick up your tickets.

We will also have a Will Call option available that students who are studying off-campus may select when they RSVP for the ceremony. Students who request to pick up their tickets at Will Call may do so the day of the ceremony.

What if I can’t get the number of tickets that I need for all of my guests?

A separate satellite location will be available on campus for guests without tickets. Guests may also view the ceremony via a live webcast. Visit the More Ways to View the Ceremony page for more details.

Can a parent request tickets on their own?

Unfortunately, no. All ticket requests must come from your student. The Commencement Office is unable to track any individual ticket requests.

Where can I find more information regarding the ticketing policy?

Here: Tickets. Any additional questions should be emailed to

Venue and Ceremony

Will you stream the ceremony online?

Yes. Family and friends may view our Commencement ceremony online through our live webcast. Information will appear on our website the week prior to the ceremony. We begin streaming 30 minutes prior to ceremony start.

We will also offer an alternative satellite location on campus where family members without tickets can view the event. Visit the More Ways to View the Ceremony page for more details.

Can you confirm my attendance at Commencement?

The Commencement Office is unable to confirm any RSVPs. If you have completed the online form and received a confirmation email, know that your spot has been reserved and you may walk for Commencement.

What time do the venue doors open?

Approximately 90 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

How long does the ceremony usually last?

Approximately two and a half hours. 

Will concessions be available?

Yes, prior to the ceremony. No outside food or beverages are allowed.

Parents and Guests

We have a guest with special needs. Is there anything we need to do to make arrangements?

Please read our Accessibility and Special Needs page. If you have further questions, you may contact our office at

My parents live out of the country and need a visa to attend Commencement. Can Georgia Tech provide an invitation letter?

Georgia Tech does not issue invitation letters for Commencement; however, a copy of your degree status report should work to prove your matriculation through Tech.

You may also request a Verification of Pending Degree letter through the Office of the Registrar. Please visit the Office of International Education for more details regarding visas.

Does Georgia Tech host an Institute-wide celebration event for graduates and their families?

Yes. Graduates and their families are encouraged to attend the President’s Graduation Celebration. Admission is free.

Accessibilty and Special Needs

Where is ADA seating located? Can my guests be on the floor?

ADA seating is open in Sections 100 through 111 and in Section 115. All of our ADA seating is located on concourse level, looking down on the stage. We are unable to accomodate any guests with wheelchairs on the floor.

Is there a limit for ADA seats for each party?

We do not enforce a strict limit, as we recognize different families have different needs. Each ADA request will receive one companion seat. However, we ask that guests do not request more than they need to help us accommodate as many people as possible. Companions may be relocated within the ADA section to help us accommodate ADA patrons. 

I already know I have a guest requiring special seating. Can I reserve a seat for them now?

Guests may only request access at McCamish Pavilion prior to the ceremony. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Does the person requiring the handicap seat need to be the one to request it?

No, anyone from the party may request on his or her behalf. For our bachelor's ceremony, guests will receive two blue tickets: one for the handicap patron plus one companion. These tickets are not additional tickets and will not grant entry. No ticket exchange is required to access the ADA section for our Ph.D. and master's ceremony. 

I would like all of my guests to be seated together. Can this be arranged?

Our staff will work with guests to try to ensure families are seated in the same section, but most guests will not be able to sit on the same row. Due to high demand, ADA seats will only be given to the family member in need and one companion seat. We encourage guests to arrive early to find seating near each other.

Can I choose which section my guest is assigned to?

Seats are unassigned, but we will request that patrons without a wheelchair use seating in sections 106 and 104.

Are ADA seats in addition to my allotted tickets?

No, these are not additional tickets for students. These blue ticket do not have a bar code and will not grant entry into the venue. You will still have to present your white ticket to enter. 

Tickets are not required for the Ph.D. and master's ceremony.

My guests are arriving at different times for the ceremony. What should I do?

When your first guests arrive, have them speak with Guest Services at McCamish Pavilion about the situation. They will be able to provide the most accurate advice and assistance based on your guest’s needs and expected arrival time. 

General Graduation Issues

I have a question about my diploma.

Students with questions regarding their diploma should start with the Degree Candidate FAQ found on the Registrar’s website. Any additional questions should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office.

I am a summer graduate and heard it is discontinued. What do I do?

While you will still graduate in summer, you will now be invited to participate in the Fall Commencement Ceremony. Visit summer graduate information for more details. The Commencement Office will contact petitioned summer graduates in May with further instructions. 

Those students expected to have less than two classes will have the opportunity to participate in Spring Commencement. View the new policy and requirements here. Request forms to walk during Spring Commencement are due in mid-March.

I have multiple faculty advisors. Can I invite all of them to attend?

Yes. When you RSVP to the ceremony, you will have a blank field to enter additional faculty advisors. Please remember to provide the same information for each advisor (name, email, and department).

What is the difference between graduation and Commencement?

Graduation is the completion of all degree requirements as recorded on a student’s official transcript. Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates the completion of a degree.